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Minimalist Necklaces (plus Kendra Scott dupe!)

Statement necklaces are certainly a fun trend. They come in all shapes and sizes, and instantly dress up an otherwise simple outfit. Tee shirt and shorts + statement necklace= suddenly you’re frickin’Nefertiti.

frickin’ Nefertiti

However, sometimes you just want a little somethin’ special to complete an outfit rather than be a queen in all your regalia. In these instances, minimalist jewelry is your best friend. It has a low profile and is light on your neck, but still brings a little finesse. Personally, I don’t really feel like my outfit is complete without at least a small necklace and my watch. For the most part, I tend to prefer minimalist jewelry in every day wear, and save the big guns for a fancy dinner or an interview where I want to look like a million bucks.

I like the Kendra Scott brand. I own a Rayne tassel necklace that I wear all the time. it’s basically my go to necklace when I’m running out the door, 5 minutes behind schedule but want to look like I actually planned my outfit.  Kendra necklaces look unique and have a lot of variety for different tastes.

Kendra Scott Rayne necklace


Recently, I was intrigued by the smaller Elisa pendant, and I knew I wanted it asap. However, as a poor nursing student I’m not so cool with the price tag. I envy the ladies who can afford drop $50 for a necklace, but these days my broke self can only dream.
Right when I was about to add it to my “one day” wish list and move on with my life, I tried Etsy. Etsy almost always has good quality knock offs of popular clothes and jewelry, adn this search did not disappoint. I found a vendor who makes all different kinds of Kendra Scott inspired necklaces, and are almost perfect copies for only $10!!!


I could see myself choosing this necklace for everyday wear with casual outfits (I opted for the pearl white option, as it will match everything).

What do you think? Do you have any favorite jewelry brands, or know any money saving dupes?



Sheer Top Solutions: The Bralette

One of the more avant-garde trends lately has been summer shirts that are pretty, but basically see through. I’ve been surprised to buy tops from some of my favorite retailers, only to find the fabric so thin or sheer that one has to be incredibly creative to avoid flashing your bits at people. And let’s be real, just wearing a bra underneath isn’t necessarily enough coverage either.

One of my fellow bloggers recently posted a shirt she found and loves, but wasn’t sure how to style because it was so sheer.

Right when I was about to ship back a lot of recent purchases, I discovered the bralette and found a way to make stylish lemonade from an odd trend. Basically, it offers similar support (padded boob holder), but it has more coverage than your traditional braziere. And, you can find very affordable options with cute silhouettes so that the sheer top becomes part of the charm of the outfit, rather than something to make you feel self conscious. Bralettes come in many different shapes and sizes, and accommodate different shirt styles (racerback, criss-cross, bare-shouldered, one sleeved, etc). I personally enjoy the flair they offer (cut outs! lace!), and recently ordered this snazzy number in white from Amazon for less than $10. It really is like an undergarment/accessory hybrid!

Unlike camisoles, which are an entire extra layer (just thinking about it makes me sweat), the bralette doesn’t burn you up, but still gives you more cover-up and support than a bra.
The ones I’ve bought are super comfortable and don’t make you feel like your outfit is bulky or seasonally inappropriate.

The only drawback is if you happen to be a larger chested woman ( FYI I’m a 32C, and I don’t have a problem) this option doesn’t offer as much support as say, a traditional underwire bra. However, unlike a camisole it does actually offer moderate support. The girls will be supported, but not lifted, if that makes any sense.

What do you think of this option?



Dinner Date Outfit (for under $100!)

*fanfare music*

I turned 29 this past Saturday and my better half took us out for some dinner at a favorite local Italian restaurant. It’s a beautiful venue and I wanted to wear an outfit that felt special and pretty.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had my qualms about the cold-shoulder trend, but I found a shirt that not only fits well, but can be worn with my high waisted skirts. I paired the shirt with a flouncy yellow patterned skirt from old navy (similar style) and some J. Crew canvas espadrille wedges.

In this Tennessee July heat, the crop top with the light, airy skirt felt so appropriate. After dinner we went to a impromptu outdoor concert and I didn’t feel like I was melting!



What do you think about how I styled this look?