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Trend Snark: WTF are Culottes?!

Source: Zara

In my early 20’s, I survived the gaucho pants trend, which are basically wide leg yoga pants that unapologetically embrace their ugliness.  They say what comes around goes around, and now the impoverished 19th century orphan trend is back for 2016! The fashion industry has taken what has been collecting dust on Goodwill racks across the country, and has found a way to turn it into the next haute look!

Looking fetch, Oliver Twist!

I’ve never much been a fan of capris, or cropped pants in general with the possible exception of athletic wear. This trend just looks ridiculous to me. It doesn’t add the illusion of length, and sits at an awkward angle on the part of the leg it actually covers. I mean, it’s not like clothes are supposed to be flattering, right?

A wide leg pant that stops mid-calf is just bizarre to me. How do you even style it? The only passable examples I have seen kind of flare out a little bit and look more like a skirt than pants.

less strange, but still puzzling

But in this case, why not just get a skirt? Are you really that worried about a Marilyn-Monroe-over-the-air-duct moment?

I see this trend appealing to those of us who take issue with showing leg in the scorching summer months, or who want to easily disguise that they’re 9 months pregnant.

Any thoughts/arguments for this trend? I remain unconvinced that is an example of good “style”.


Sheer Top Solutions: The Bralette

One of the more avant-garde trends lately has been summer shirts that are pretty, but basically see through. I’ve been surprised to buy tops from some of my favorite retailers, only to find the fabric so thin or sheer that one has to be incredibly creative to avoid flashing your bits at people. And let’s be real, just wearing a bra underneath isn’t necessarily enough coverage either.

One of my fellow bloggers recently posted a shirt she found and loves, but wasn’t sure how to style because it was so sheer.

Right when I was about to ship back a lot of recent purchases, I discovered the bralette and found a way to make stylish lemonade from an odd trend. Basically, it offers similar support (padded boob holder), but it has more coverage than your traditional braziere. And, you can find very affordable options with cute silhouettes so that the sheer top becomes part of the charm of the outfit, rather than something to make you feel self conscious. Bralettes come in many different shapes and sizes, and accommodate different shirt styles (racerback, criss-cross, bare-shouldered, one sleeved, etc). I personally enjoy the flair they offer (cut outs! lace!), and recently ordered this snazzy number in white from Amazon for less than $10. It really is like an undergarment/accessory hybrid!

Unlike camisoles, which are an entire extra layer (just thinking about it makes me sweat), the bralette doesn’t burn you up, but still gives you more cover-up and support than a bra.
The ones I’ve bought are super comfortable and don’t make you feel like your outfit is bulky or seasonally inappropriate.

The only drawback is if you happen to be a larger chested woman ( FYI I’m a 32C, and I don’t have a problem) this option doesn’t offer as much support as say, a traditional underwire bra. However, unlike a camisole it does actually offer moderate support. The girls will be supported, but not lifted, if that makes any sense.

What do you think of this option?