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Trend Snark: Wedgie or Edgy, the dilemma of high-waisted shorts

yours truly at the local farmer’s market here in Chattanooga. Also, my boyfriend is a Purdue alum, so I’m repping in my hat. #tennesseepride #boilerup

I like the idea of high waisted shorts. I really do. It took me a long time to get to this place of acceptance, because when I first saw the trend emerging I thought we must’ve fallen short of ideas if we were embracing cropped mom jeans.

Then I saw some cute tops that would look ridiculous with my low-rise pants and shorts (unless of course, you’re Britney Spears and you breathe through your bellybutton so it must always always be exposed) and I thought……maybe.

Whenever I want to try a new look out, I go to my local thirft shop and get a $5 version to play around with. That way, if I hate it, I’m not out much money and I can donate it to Goodwill.

The thing I learned about high waisted shorts though, is that you can’t buy your normal size and expect them to not ride up your butt. It feels like wearing a thong attached to a girdle and I couldn’t stand it. When I tried on larger sizes they were too large in the waist and I reminded myself of those women on diet magazine covers showing their before and after waistband size by wearing a pair of “fat pants”. It seemed there was no way to win unless I wanted to buy the fat pants and have them altered to fit my 24 inch waist.

Then I read about spandex jean shorts. Its not exactly denim, but some stretchy hybrid material that hugs your booty but doesn’t ride up. I still have to go up a size to avoid the Kardashian effect, but they fit well and are actually cute! Plus, on amazon the pair I found were only $14!

From what I’ve found, they key is to find the ideal shorts is similar to finding a good relationship: flexible and with room to grow. Seriously though, order a few sizes larger so you can bend over without feeling like you’re about to get a yeast infection.


Sheer Top Solutions: The Bralette

One of the more avant-garde trends lately has been summer shirts that are pretty, but basically see through. I’ve been surprised to buy tops from some of my favorite retailers, only to find the fabric so thin or sheer that one has to be incredibly creative to avoid flashing your bits at people. And let’s be real, just wearing a bra underneath isn’t necessarily enough coverage either.

One of my fellow bloggers recently posted a shirt she found and loves, but wasn’t sure how to style because it was so sheer.

Right when I was about to ship back a lot of recent purchases, I discovered the bralette and found a way to make stylish lemonade from an odd trend. Basically, it offers similar support (padded boob holder), but it has more coverage than your traditional braziere. And, you can find very affordable options with cute silhouettes so that the sheer top becomes part of the charm of the outfit, rather than something to make you feel self conscious. Bralettes come in many different shapes and sizes, and accommodate different shirt styles (racerback, criss-cross, bare-shouldered, one sleeved, etc). I personally enjoy the flair they offer (cut outs! lace!), and recently ordered this snazzy number in white from Amazon for less than $10. It really is like an undergarment/accessory hybrid!

Unlike camisoles, which are an entire extra layer (just thinking about it makes me sweat), the bralette doesn’t burn you up, but still gives you more cover-up and support than a bra.
The ones I’ve bought are super comfortable and don’t make you feel like your outfit is bulky or seasonally inappropriate.

The only drawback is if you happen to be a larger chested woman ( FYI I’m a 32C, and I don’t have a problem) this option doesn’t offer as much support as say, a traditional underwire bra. However, unlike a camisole it does actually offer moderate support. The girls will be supported, but not lifted, if that makes any sense.

What do you think of this option?